Food safety at sea

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Seafarers, wherever you are in the world, whatever your nationality, rank, or type of vessel, you need to eat. On crew ships or ferries, the passengers will expect as a minimum high quality food and well-maintained restaurants and cafes. And a food everyone eats needs to be not only tasty but, above all, safe. If not, you, the crew, and passengers may suffer from food poisoning, become ill, unable to work or enjoy themselves and, in extreme cases this may be fatal.

Food areas on some ships are a distress. If food safety controls are poor, contaminated food may strike anybody anywhere with serious consequences. This set of video programs and the accompanying booklet shows the good practices that must be maintained to ensure wellbeing of all on board. The first part of the set is dedicated to the hazards and controls. With proper procedures in place, most hazards on board ship can be avoided, including those leading to food poisoning. Has the food been properly stored and prepared?

Was it prepared on a clean surface with clean utensils? Did the preparers wash their hands after using the toilet? If not, then anyone eating this food could be in serious trouble. It is everyone's responsibility to ensure standards are high and that starts at the top. Food poisoning can sometimes be a result of senior staff failing to identify hazards and taking the necessary steps to avoid them... We also recommend you to supplement the training with this booklet.

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