FRAMO training courses manual

Author(s) FRAMO
Publisher FRAMO
Date 2003
Pages 157
Format pdf
Size 61 Mb







The present training manual has been specifically prepared and officially released by FRAMO professionals to be used by all people who are going to take the associated training courses. Subject courses are run by the company on the regular basis and FRAMO members are doing their best to transmit their technical knowledge to anyone interested.

The effectiveness of all professional training courses that is offered by FRAMO company has already been proven everywhere. The present publication contains all information required to be possessed by all interested people who are willing to enroll in the above stated training courses. The users will find everything that they need there, including the location of the courses and training seminars.

The training that is deal with in the present booklet will enable the learners to conduct the operations at the time of the cargo discharging and stripping, heating of the cargo and tank washing in a correct way, to perform proper periodic maintenance/troubleshooting of the main components of the system. It starts with the part describing the submerged cargo pumps produced by FRAMO, and basic hydraulic systems together with their associated components plus providing some info on the tanker design using the Frank Mohn system of cargo pumping...

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