Fundamentals of English Grammar

Author(s) Betty Azar
Publisher Pearson Education
Date 2002
Pages 526
Format pdf
Size 27 Mb







An excellent and classic textbook for those developing their grammar skills - it can be used as a reference book for both classroom training and self-study at home. This third edition of the book features same approach to the material contained in it, as it was the case with first two releases of the book.

The publication by Betty Azar contains many realistic communications, features numerous options for interactive work, so many error-analysis exercises, some fully revised and updated material. Teachers of English found this book very useful because of the way the tenses and other grammar aspects have been explained. There are also so many practical and useful charts on different grammar topics.

This publication is considered by the customers a good review tool for improving ESL grammar skills. In particular, this book would be very highly recommended for the oral practice of various point of English grammar. Note that while most of the grammar books are full of boring exercises, this one goes well beyond that and is therefore much more easy to use and interesting.

All explanations provided in the book are very clear, making the book one of the most popular of the ones available at the market today.

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