Fundamentals of HVAC Systems

Author(s) Robert McDowall
Publisher Elsevier
Date 2006
Pages 236
Format pdf
Size 2 Mb







Nowadays, HVAC systems, standing for the "heating, ventilation and air conditioning", are present everywhere. The present publication will definitely serve as an excellent introductory source to all people involved in various activities related to the HVAC systems, including their specification and design, as well as fabrication, installation, operation and periodic maintenance.

Robert McDowall, who is the recognized expert and author of this volume, did his best to describe the main objectives that could be achieved by a HVAC system connected with the environmental control, the very basic functions of the major components forming subject systems, their arrangements and functioning, with the air-water, all-air, and all-water systems being covered, primary equipment of HVAC systems, their operating strategies and distribution, as well as load and space determination.

There is some information provided on how to properly identify the suitable HVAC system type for particular type of application. Air conditioning industry is growing quite fast and there was a need for a single volume providing all required technical info relating to the selection as well as design and day-to-day operation of this equipment. The book was endorsed by ASHRAE, one of the world's leading and widely recognized trade bodies in the industry.

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