Fundamentals of Ship Hydrodynamics

Author(s) Lothar Birk
Publisher Wiley
Date 2019
Pages 704
Format pdf
Size 32 Mb







The present title is intended to cover the existing info gap between the ship hydrodynamics and the science of fluid mechanics. It has been written as a sort of textbook to be used by the students of naval architecture, dealing with the ship hull resistance and ship propulsion areas.

The idea was to connect the essential fluid mechanics training with the practical applications of the hydrodynamics, focusing specifically on the day-to-day practice of designing vessels. The estimates of the ship hull resistance have been explained in detail on the basis of the procedures used in the fluid mechanics; all necessary material has been provided in the sixty chapters of the volume.

The entire range of the applications has been covered with the remarkable depth that would enable easy and comfortable self-study process. The text part of the book is supplemented with the numerous figures and data tables. We would definitely treat the present title as the must-read for all students of naval architecture and ship design, as well as the ocean engineering, considering the number of topics covered by the author. It would also serve as an invaluable training and reference source when preparing for the relevant examinations.

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