Global LNG Fundamentals

Author(s) USEA
Publisher United States Energy Association
Date 2016
Pages 225
Format pdf
Size 5 Mb







The content of the present handbook is providing the result of the cooperative work of the group of experts. Their intention was to create a book that would facilitate better understanding to be shared between the government officials and the companies of the various economic, commercial and technical aspects.

Note that the authors of the volume did not intend to deal with promotion of any particular business model; their idea was rather help stakeholders better understand their aims in developing the LNG projects and opening future LNG trade markets. The volume provides a good framework for evaluation of the LNG projects considered important, and this is applicable to both importers and exporters of the natural gas.

The authors hope that the information provided in this volume together with any following dialogues that this volume engenders, will eventually improve the existing flow of information and help erect the human capacity accelerating the development of the natural gas, make the generation of the power cleaner, and promote energy security and further economic growth. The publication will be interesting to the people involved in the development of the natural gas and any related projects.

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