Good Cruising - The Illustrated Essentials

Author(s) Zora and David Aiken
Publisher International Marine
Date 1997
Pages 212
Format pdf
Size 20 Mb







This perfectly handy and practical reference source is a real treasure for all owners of the powerboats and sailing boats who are in need of the compact and informative how-to guide covering the important aspects of both inland and coastal cruising. Written by a team of the sailing professionals, who also released the famous Good Boatkeeping, the title will tell you about virtually all situations that you can get in during your voyage.

Just read the book attentively and you may consider yourself ready to start. Among the topics covered by the authors there are reading the nautical charts and understanding them, making a plot of your course, knowing how to anchor and dock your craft in the safest possible way, how to negotiate traffic and communicate with the shore as well as with the other boats around, etc. the due attention was given to the hazards one can encounter, and how to avoid them.

Apart from the theoretical part, there are so many practical tips and hints, and we dare say that they made it much easier to get the answers to the most important questions that the beginner boat sailors traditionally have. In short, this is definitely one of the more accessible and practically useful guides of all those available today for the boaters.

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