guide to ship repair estimates

Author(s) Don Butler
Publisher Butterworth-Heinemann
Date 2000
Pages 96
Format pdf
Size 1 Mb







Here is quite rare and invaluable little guide intended for use by the people engaged with costing ship repair works. The content of the guide was specifically prepared to outline to the technical superintendents of the shipping companies the way to be followed when compiling the quotations.

The ship repair companies commonly use their own tariffs for standard works when building their quotations, and this is the information the present guide is based on. Note that the prices have been presented in man-hours in order to assist the long-term pricing. It will also be helpful to the shipyard personnel assessing the manpower requirements for the various jobs and producing the time-based plans.

The advantage of using the man-hours in this book is that the book will not be dated since there will be no necessity to encounter any increases in costs occurring over the years. Note also that the material costs have not been covered since they are usually supplied by contractors and built into the labor costs.

The book only considers the repair an shall not be used for the new construction projects due to the different nature of jobs involved. It is important to understand that the man-hours for particular job may vary under different working conditions, location, environment and other factors to be considered.

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