Handbook of Hydraulic Fluid Technology

Author(s) George E. Totten, Victor J. De Negr
Publisher CRC Press
Date 2011
Pages 982
Format pdf
Size 57 Mb







This book was specifically released to detail all latest major developments of the last years. This is the second edition of the book, updating the original release and remaining one of the most authoritative, popular and comprehensive publications on the subject. Some of the chapters have been completely revised, the content of the others was significantly expanded in order to account for all advances.

The authors of the present volume approach the hydraulic fluids as a component of a complex system, and they mainly focus on the most important technological aspects. The handbook was prepared by the leading experts from around the planet, covering the major classes of fluids, paying attention to the design features, chemistry, selection and further maintenance of the hydraulic fluids, etc. In addition to that, the authors offer the readers a comprehensive overview of the technology and evaluate the benefits of the water from the ecological point of view, treating it as one of the alternative technologies available today.

The complete overview is discussing the motors and pumps, reservoirs, valves and other associated topics, including lubrication, fire resistance, entrainment of the air, testing of the pumps etc. The combined efforts of the contributors have resulted in an excellent reference book helping readers i developing their understanding of hydraulic systems, including the basic hardware and components of such systems, properties of the fluids and lubricants.

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