handbook of knots

Author(s) Des Pawson
Publisher DK
Date 20041
Pages 175
Format pdf
Size 63 Mb







To select a knot, first identify the knot family that is most appropriate for your task. The purposes of the different knot families are described at the start of each chapter. Use the icons and introductory text at the beginning of each knot to identify its categories of use and its properties. Refer to pages 22-25 for knot-trying techniques common to many of the knots, and consult the Glossary on page 171 for explanations of terms italicized in the text.

We recommend this excellent practical guidebook to all interested people; they will be able to tie more than a hundred of different knots, from very simple to complicated. They will also get a lot of interesting information about the ropes - their construction, maintenance and storage, proper use etc.

More than eight hundred of photographs and instructional illustrations have been added by the author of the volume in order to get the material understood easier. You may find some of the knots a bit too difficult to tie at the beginning; however, following the clear and easy-to-follow instructions provided by the author you will soon be able to make any knot without experiencing any difficulty, you will slowly turn into professional.

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