HEMPEL Coating Reference Handbook

Author(s) Various Authors
Publisher HEMPEL
Date 2005
Pages 145
Format pdf
Size 3 Mb







This is the updated official release of Coating Reference Handbook by world famous and respected Hempel. The intention of the authors of the document was to put together all relevant information in order to assist readers looking for the best performing paints. The publication was originally developed as an instrument to be used by the Hempel's Coating Advisers; however, much broader audience can actually benefit from the references, equipment, practical advise, technical data and standards that are commonly used in the industry.

The book is in everyday use by the Coating Advisers of the company and has already proven to be very valuable. It starts with the information about different substrates to be coated, such as aluminum and stainless steel, concrete, metalizing and galvanizing, followed by the section dealing with the standards established to provide assistance when defining appropriate procedures and results concerning selection of proper method, surface preparation, quality of the result obtained etc.

The other sections address the equipment used for application of the paint, check points as applicable to the steel and concrete, guidelines on blasting and use of abrasives, preparation grade, roughness, shop primers etc. Some useful data tables are also provides for easy reference.

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