How Ships Are Made

Author(s) David A. Thomas, Eddie Pouton
Publisher Facts on File
Date 2016
Pages 40
Format pdf
Size 19 Mb







If you happen to visit any of the great marine ports of the world, for example Sydney or Singapore, or San Francisco, you will surely get be surprised by the huge number of ships of different types and sizes. They are moored alongside, anchored in the vicinity or just passing by through the bay leading to the open sea.

They will include oil and product tankers, passenger liners and dry cargo ships, container carriers and ferries, fishing boats and yachts, and so many others. You will count hundreds of ships since the demands of the modern trade are remarkably diverse nowadays.

This book was written for the newcomers to shipping industry willing to get a general understanding of the shipbuilding process. The way material is presented makes it easy reading even for the people with little to no technical knowledge available. The author starts the book with the explanation of the differences between ship types and some brief information about the ship design and construction process, with particular attention paid to the so-called CAD, standing for the computer assisted design.

The shipbuilding process is explained at every stage, from steel preparation to the launching of the ready ship and put fitting. The sea trials normally conducted upon completion of the ship construction, have been addressed in a separate chapter. The book features a glossary of terminology and is full of brilliant pictures.

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