Hydrodynamics of Pumps

Author(s) Christopher E. Brennen
Publisher Oxford University Press
Date 1994
Pages 293
Format pdf
Size 5 Mb







This valuable book is intended to serve as a good reference tool to be used by pump experts and, at the same time, as the useful textbook - by the students of pump design and related disciplines. Christopher E. Brennen, the author of this volume, has mostly concentrated on the fluid dynamics of pumps, and liquid turbo-machinery in general.

There are two main technical characteristics of liquid leading to the problems and causing a set of concerns. For instance, there is a possibility of cavitation and high densities of the liquids involved, and this results in possible damages as well as unsteady liquid flows. The opening chapter of the volume is providing readers with some basic introductory information, and that would include the cavitation and unsteady flows.

The other chapters of the publication are covering the technical features of the liquid flow, bubble dynamics, various effects that cavitation has on the pumping arrangements, vibration occurring in pumps etc. The text part of the volume is very richly illustrated with the informative images; there are numerous practical exercises included in the book for better understanding of the theory. The readers all around the world have found this volume to elaborate all relevant topics on fluid dynamics. It also emphasized the math modeling of various fluid systems and their components.

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