illustrated seamanship

Author(s) Ivar Dedekam
Publisher Wiley
Date 2007
Pages 91
Format pdf
Size 5 Mb







The seamanship is referred to as the art of managing a vessel. The present publication will provide tits readers with the necessary skills considered imperative to keep their boats safe and make a cruising enjoyable and comfortable. In fact, in many cases only some basic knowledge is required to make safe voyages. And this book is intended to demonstrate the readers the minimum number of seamanship techniques they should get familiar with, such as the rope handling, anchoring their boats and maneuvering.

Using the information provided in this book, the readers will be able to better develop their sailing skills though a very fun and interesting way, Each of the techniques presented in the book has been illustrated in a very distinctive style by the author and supplemented with a simple and clearly understandable text. The content of the volume has been arranged in three main sections, with the first one outlining the minimum level of technical knowledge of hitches, knots, splices etc.

The second section covers the techniques required for maneuvering the yachts in harbors and confined areas under various sea and wind conditions. Finally, the third section includes the techniques related to the boat anchoring and provides several real life examples. The book will allow them uncover the art of handling a boat...

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