Intelligent Freight Transportation

Author(s) Petros Ioannou
Publisher CRC Press
Date 2008
Pages 344
Format pdf
Size 3 Mb







The present book is one of the excellent volumes making the popular Control Engineering Series. Nowadays, the freight transportation is really vital to the safe and effective functioning of the human societies and it shall be noted that the transportation chain has already considerably expanded.

One of the greatest challenges of the modern cargo transportation industry are increasing capacity at sea ports and movements in the supply chain while attempting to be compliant with the applicable economical, environmental, political and other important requirements. It is becoming quite obvious that the solutions that were traditionally applied in the past, cannot be considered feasible any longer. However, it should also be taken into attention that the latest advances in IT, data management, telecommunications as well as computation tools, could definitely provide the participants of the industry with some new and promising approaches.

The publication by Petros Ioannou was released with the declared intention of the author to touch the most important aspects of the majority of issues that usually affect throughput for the large container ports. The book is remarkably well-organized and very reader-friendly; it consists of seventeen chapters addressing the key aspects of intelligent freight transportation, such as port choice and competition, automation of terminals, various environmental issues etc.

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