Internal Combustion Engines

Author(s) Dr. Mohammedali Abdulhadi, Dr. A. M. Hassan
Publisher ICE
Date 2011
Pages 93
Format pdf
Size 9 Mb







The volume opens with the chapter covering classification of the engines and their components, followed with the information about the air standard cycles and cycles that the efficiency of the Carnot cycle. Then we proceed to the comparison of the Diesel, Otto and dual cycles. The fuel-air cycles have been addressed in two chapters dealing with the variation of specific heats and effect of engine variables.

There is one chapter dealing solely with the fuels, while the next five chapters have been devoted to the combustion process, including basic chemistry, stoichiometry, exhaust gas analysis, dissociation, enthalpy of combustion and formation, internal energy and calorific values. The authors then lead us to the real cycles, before proceeding to the description of spark and compression ignition engines, their technical differences and components making subject engines.

You will also get information about the two- and four-stroke engines... In fact, the number of topics covered by the authors of this compact publication is too big for this short description. However, the knowledge the student will get from the content of this volume, will be a good basis for the newcomers to the world of engines.

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