Here are the proceedings of the RINA-hosted international conference held in 2008 and dedicated to the operation and design of the ships transporting liquid petroleum gas. The papers selected for this publication cover design and operation of such ships, associated environmental risks together with the compliance for operation within inland waters. response of vessels to severe underwater shocks, market update, analysis of the supply-demand balance of the world liquid petroleum gas market and opportunities opening in the age of growing supply, fatigue assessment, supervision and professional training provided to the newbuilding site teams, various structural aspects of cargo tank design/construction, studies on support arrangement of cargo tanks, reliquefaction of the LPG cargo including design and operation of plants, etc.

The high prices for LPG slow the demand growth in many markets. Indian and Chinese import levels stopped their growth. At the same time, high energy costs stimulate the oil and gas projects and this would definitely bring about higher production of the LPG. Note that production in the Middle East region is ramping up, being driven by high crude oil production and new LNG-related projects. In the future, the LPG market is expected to be much more supply-driven...

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Proceedings of the RINA conference on design & operation of the bulk carriers that was held in 2009. The publication starts with the hull integrity management and covers the best established practices for maintenance of subject type of vessels, including vetting trends.

We understand that the bulk carriers live very stressful lives since they are not as robust and strong as most of the people might think, and at the same tome safe and efficient bulk carrier may only be obtained if all the ship designers and constructors, maintenance and management teams performed their duties in a proper manner.

The documents included in this compilation deal with such interesting topics as regulatory and operational challenges applicable to the bulk carriers, design and operation of bulk carriers, monitoring and maintaining ballast tank condition in vessels that are laid-up, special fatigue analysis, best practices for technical maintenance, double bottom height effect, reliability of the hull girder including challenges and possible solutions, economic and environment-friendly solutions for electric drives for the side-rolling hatch covers, predictor-corrector system for health monitoring of the structure of the hull, applicable IMO performance standards, spectral fatigue analysis etc.

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Here are some fragments of the opening speech... On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee of the 9th International Stability Workshop, I warmly welcome all the participants of the workshop to Hamburg. The workshop is being organized by Germanischer Lloyd, the well known and world respected classification society, with the support of the ISC (International Standing Committee) of the International Ship Stability Conference.

Former Stability Workshops have contributed greatly to the advancement of scientific treatment of ship safety in all its forms. The main declared aim of this workshop is to promote a full exchange of ideas, techniques, methodologies and best practice by providing a ground for the maritime profession to meet and discuss the stability of vessels and ocean vehicles, seeking ways for improving maritime safety. We would also like to thank our sponsor BMVBS, the German Ministry of Transport for their support. In addition to that, we would like to thank all the presenters, authors and participants, from all continents, for their contributions to this workshop.

Though this conference itself was held nearly ten years ago, the materials that are presented in this compilation shall still be considered actual and their importance is critically high to anyone who are interested in the developments in the field of assessment and control of the ship stability.

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Some opening words... On behalf of the LOC of the Seventh International Ship Stability Workshop, we warmly welcome all the participants of the workshop to Shanghai. Ship has been a powerful tool for marine transportation in the human history. With the global development of economics, the amount of marine transportation around the world is even increasing now.

Among the various technical aspects in naval architecture, from an academic viewpoint, ship stability possesses its own unique and essential importance. I hope the present Workshop will provide a forum for a clear overview and deep discussions on the recent research progress in this aspect... The proceedings of that conference have been grouped in seven big sessions.

The first session mostly deals with the theoretical development in damage stability of the vessel, while the second session is dedicated to the damage survivability of stability. The next sessions cover the assessment of ship stability safety, some matters of the theoretical prediction if ship's intact stability, experimental investigation of intact stability, and the research on the ship dynamics with the water collected on decks and extreme waves. In addition to that, a separate session deals with the stability research in China. 

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The International Workshops on Ship Stability are organized every year between the Stability Conferences STAB. They are guided by the International Standing Committee. This was the sixth Workshop in the series, after the Workshops in Glasgow, UK (1995), Osaka, Japan (1996), Hersonissos, Greece (1997), St. John's, Canada (1998) and Trieste, Italy (2001). The Workshop is, essentially, an invitation based scientific event.

It gathers those researchers and practitioners who are actively involved in stability subjects. It is the forum for in-depth discussion of all problems in the field of stability safety. This includes theoretical models, design intact stability, safety standards, operational elements of safety, damage stability, and regulatory aspects for all types of ships. The 6th International Ship Stability Workshop was hosted by Webb Institute in Glen Cove. New York. The program was coordinated by the Workshop Organizing Committee and the Session Organizers, while the organizational and administrative matters were in the hands of the Webb Local Committee.

The program of the sessions is listed in the Technical Program and the overall time table of the Workshop is presented in the Schedule. The papers presented here are grouped into sessions, as they were presented in the Workshop. The summary of the discussion during each session is presented as well.

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Here is the official document containing the proceedings of the Seventeenth Conference of the IALA-AISM held in Cape Town in 2010. Among the topics covered in the course of the conference there were virtual aids to navigation, portable pilot units, navigating eLoran, intelligent info systems for electronic navigation, new  tech radars, application of 3D simulation system to the navigation aids, development of the four-season lighted buoy, recapitalization of the GPS network, Under Keel Management System etc.

Let us start with the article covering the virtual aid to navigation presented by Michael Skov from DaMSA (i.e. Danish Maritime Safety Authority). Virtual AIS as an aim to navigation shall not be considered as just another tool and shall be utilized successfully in numerous cases as by itself or together with other tools - for example, in cases of marking of fairways in some areas. DaMSA uses the data from AIS for numerous purposes and this presentation is intended to provide some examples.

It will mostly be focusing on the advantages and disadvantages of virtual aids to navigation - the text is supplemented with informative illustrations showing some of their benefits and also examples of the operational use of these tools in Danish waters...

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