Into the Raging Sea

Author(s) Rachel Slide
Publisher Ecco
Date 2018
Pages 416
Format epub
Size 2 Mb







This is a very interesting and a truly breathtaking story telling readers about the sinking of one of the most well known American container vessels - El Faro. The tragedy of the crew consisting of thirty-five people is told in the pages of this book. This happened on 1st of October, 2015 when the Hurricane Joaquin reached Bermuda Triangle - it just swallowed El Faro and this eventually resulted in the worst disaster of the American shipping in the past 35 years.

It is still a mystery how a modern ship duly equipped with all necessary satellite communication systems, electronic navigation means and absolutely latest weather forecasting aids could just vanish. There were hundreds of interviews with the recognized maritime experts and with the family members of the people working on board El Faro, and there were even some conversations of the crew members recorded by the shipboard data recorder.

Rachel Slade, the professional journalist, did every effort to try and unravel the mystery of sinking of this ship. Her work has resulted in this perfectly reported account, taking readers straight into the heart of the American shipping industry. The book will be interesting not only to the professional mariners but is actually aimed at much broader readership.

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