Introduction to LPG Carrier

Author(s) Capt. Priya Ranjan
Publisher Marine Training
Date 2006
Pages 79
Format pdf
Size 3 Mb






The LPG carriers are ships intended for marine transportation of the gases in the liquid form of substance which would otherwise be a gas, should the ambient conditions be normal (temperature and atmospheric pressure). The subject gases can be toxic, flammable or both toxic and flammable, so they shall be paid ultimate attention and dealt with caution.

In addition to their toxicity and flammability, the main hazards associated with the carriage of the liquid gases are normally the vapor release and the effect that the low temperatures have on the ship structure and personnel on board. This introductory document was prepared by the professional and experienced captain willing to share his practical experience. It is absolutely recommended to all crew members working on board vessels carrying such cargoes.

Starting with the general information about the characteristics of the liquid gases based on the API approach, the publication then tells you about the relevant regulatory framework, the IGC Code in the first turn. All classes of the liquid gas carriers have been covered in the document, with the attention paid to the advantages and disadvantages of each class of vessels. Numerous photographs supplement the text wherever it is required to provide visual aids.

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