Introduction to Naval Architecture.

Author(s) John P. Comstock
Publisher Simmons-Boardman
Date 1944
Pages 208
Format pdf
Size 20 Mb







The present publication is the very good course in naval architecture covering the essential theoretical knowledge required to be possessed by the naval architects. The main objective of the author was to acquaint the trainees with the theoretical basics and provide the clear explanation on their interrelation and progressive application in the ship hull design. Note that it should not be looked at as a replacement to any standard reference volume but shall rather be treated as a leading title.

It will be the excellent reference source for the students of the naval architecture. In fact this is a good introduction, as it is clearly stated in the title of the book, and those willing to get a deep understanding and knowledge of the subject, should spend more time and efforts.

The readers will go through the entire process of ship hull design, understand how the main hull characteristics shall be chosen so that the requirements advised by the clients, can be satisfied. The book is recommended to the students and is a perfect supplement to any standard training program. The material is explained in a very simple and understandable way, including all calculations as well as the design matters.

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