Latitude and declination tables

Author(s) R. Shortrede
Publisher John Lilley & Son
Date 1869
Pages 190
Format pdf
Size 24 Mb







One of the oldest titles presented here - just imagine, the original release of the publication dates back to 1869. Written by one of the most well known and recognized experts of the past times, this publication was greatly appreciated and well met by the marine navigators. Of course, nowadays, in the century of electronic navigation means the content of this classic volume may seem irrelevant and obsolete.

However, it would be good for any professional navigator of today to have an understanding of the fundamentals of theoretical navigation including the methods that were in use at the very beginning. As it comes from the original title of the book, it contains the azimuth and hour angles for the declination and latitude, and this information used to be necessary to provide safe navigation.

The tables contained in the pages of this volume were used to find azimuth at sea using the hour angle, in all latitudes considered navigable, and an every two declination degrees between the zodiac limits, whenever the sun, planet, moon or known star was observed at any convenient distance from zenith. Have a look in this book to have a general idea what the mariners of the past had to go through when making their sea voyages...

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