Lectures in navigation

Author(s) Ernest Gallaudept Draper
Publisher Project Gutenberg
Date 2008
Pages 115
Format pdf
Size 2 Mb







This great collection of lectures on the subject of marine navigation was compiled with the ultimate intention of the authors to explain, in the simplest possible manner, the essential provisions of the navigation as outlined in the pages of the Bowditch’s American Practical Navigator, available at our website.

For the easier reference, the content of this volume was arranged in eight parts, and it is recommended to go for one part per week. The first week the trainees shall be acquainted to the piloting, including the associated equipment, publications and techniques involved. The second week is the one they will work on dead reckoning, including but not limited to the Mercator sailing, latitude and longitude and all other commonly related topics.

The third part of the volume and the associated week of training will be given to the subject of celestial navigation, still considered a fundamental one for the mariners… In short, going week by week, the trainees will eventually cover all areas of the navigation that the author considered important enough to include in the collection, and they will be equipped with enough knowledge and understanding of the maritime navigation to proceed further to their studies.

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