Lectures on Ship Manoeuvrability

Author(s) Nikolay Kornev
Publisher Rostock University
Date 2013
Pages 177
Format pdf
Size 9 Mb







The book opens with a section dedicated to the general differential equations relevant to the dynamics of ships, and the aim of this section is the derivation of the equations covering the general body motion in both inertial and body-fixed reference systems with/without principle axis; here, the author has paid particular attention to the acting forces and moments that commonly arise from the acceleration through the water.

The second section addresses the equations related to the maneuvering of the vessels with three freedom degrees, including systems of coordinates, aims and assumptions of the ship maneuvering theory, all equations and exercises for easier understanding of the theory. The next section is dealing with the determination of the added masses, while the fourth section describes the steady maneuvering forces, including their representation and experimental determination, again with some exercises.

The sixth section covers the forces acting on the ship rudders including their general representation and determination of the associated coefficients plus the interaction between the propeller and rudder of the vessel. The remaining sections of the volume are dealing with the yaw stability, transversal forces acting on propeller plus the associated yaw moment, maneuverability diagram, application of CFD methods for the maneuverability problems, and other valuable and important information.

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