LNG custody transfer handbook

Author(s) GIIGNL
Publisher International Group of LNG Importers
Date 2011
Pages 99
Format pdf
Size 2 Mb







Here is a new edition of the LNG Custody Transfer Handbook reflecting the GIIGNL's technical understanding of the best practices. This handbook was prepared and released with the intention to serve as a reference manual assisting readers who want to better understand all equipment used by and procedures available to the GIIGNL members when determining the quantity of the energy of the gas which is being transferred between terminals and gas carrying ships; note that the present publication should not be treated as a technical specification/recognized standard.

At the same time, it shall be underlines that it was not the original intention of the authors of this handbook to provide detailed technical procedures of the ship-shore custody transfer of LNG; they rather tried to set out the practical requirements and issues to facilitate skilled operators to prepare suitable procedures for specific transfer operations.

The book starts with some introduction followed by general formulae and schemes of transfer as well as the instruments used, then there come parts that deal with the volume, temperature and vapor pressure measurement, sampling of gasified LNG, control devices and vaporizers, sampling procedures, gas analysis, calibration methods, density calculation and many other relevant technical info.

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