LNG Fundamentals

Author(s) Howard Thomas
Publisher Thomas & McKinlay
Date 2017
Pages 71
Format pdf
Size 4 Mb







The documented is prepared in the form of presentation and will be good for people entering the industry. The author covers the important areas in detail, while keeping the amount of text to a minimum, concentrating on the visual aids such as the illustrations and schemes. First of all, the basic information is given about the hydrocarbon industry and the role played by LNG.

Then, we proceed to the LNG chain and plant overview, and the offshore industry. There are slides devoted to the gasification process, composition of the natural gas, schematics of the gas treatment plant, as well as the typical liquid petroleum gas recovery in the baseload LNG plant, cascade cooling and the associated hazards.

The cryogenics has been dealt with, together with the domestic and industrial refrigeration, properties of the refrigerants, together with the technical aspects such as the insulation used, low temperature embrittlement of the materials, thermal stress, piping and pressure profile. The storage and transportation of the LNG are handles within the separate slides, and there are so many other interesting and important areas covered. The document can be used as a ready-to-use presentation when explaining the basics of the LNG.

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