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The Loadstar is an excellent program turning any computer into the advanced loading platform featuring remarkably user-friendly interface. The software allows to facilitate the commonly time consuming processes of planning the loading operations and controlling the loading conditions. The program was developed by IBM to be fast working and easy to use.

The Loadstar has been initially designed in со-operation with the leading companies in the shipping industry throughout the world, and this is what has mainly gained so much popularity to this software - the companies using this software benefited of the invaluable experience.

The final outcome is a nearly perfect loading system integrating literally all necessary functions into one application. Numerous practical system features of this program help to ensure quickest and most accurate cargo planning and considers both pre-planning and thoroughly detailed planning.

The program also features a clear and very consistent design, which supplies the necessary info at a glance. The user only has to make a couple of mouse clicks or keystrokes to make the program function. The use of this software will eventually result in reduction of the operation time as well as the man-hour requirements to minimum.

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