Longman Dictionary of Scientific Usage

Author(s) A. Godman, E. M. F. Payne
Publisher Longman
Date 1989
Pages 685
Format djvu
Size 241 Mb







All the entries in the book are arranged into sets of terms that are closely related in meaning or subject area. This allows an entry to be compared or contrasted with related entries to make the meaning of a term clearer. There are two main sections in the book.

The first comprises over 1300 basic terms commonly used in all branches of science, and which have different, and usually more precise, meanings in scientific contexts than they have in general speech. Included in this section are 180 prefixes, suffixes and general affixes of use in understanding many scientific terms. The second section defines over 8500 technical terms from the fields of biology, chemistry and physics.

The entries contain other information, besides the definition, which will be of assistance in the usage of the term. The terms for biology, chemistry and physics are not divided into three separate sections; instead the sets of terms are presented according to an overall framework of scientific principles, as can be seen in the list of Contents. The Contents shows the arrangement of terms in different subject areas. Each area is indicated by a two letter code, and within such an area or set, the terms are numbered consecutively.

The set codes are placed at the top of each page showing the numbers of the terms covered. An alphabetical index at the back of the book lists all the terms and their place in the book, and indicates the subject field of the term where relevant.

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