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Author(s) Loss Prevention
Publisher NORTH
Date 2016
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An excellent collection of the safety posters developed in the frame of the Loss Prevention Program. This set is made of nearly sixty different posters. All of them are very informative and may be used on board ships to inform crew members and all visitors about the proper cargo handling techniques, signage, collision prevention etc. The posters are of high quality therefore they may be printed out at any size.

The ColRegs-related posters are the following - Responsibility, Safe Speed, Look Out, Risk of Collision, Heading on Situation, Overtaking, Crossing Situation, Action to Avoid Collision, Traffic Separation Scheme. Active by Give Way Vessel and Active by Stand On Vessel, and finally the one describing Restricted Visibility. The "If Only" posters cover the entry into enclosed spaces, pilot boarding arrangements and lifeboat launching systems, safe ship access and working aloft, persons in distress and manual handling of heavy cargoes, hot works and collisions, mooring operations, oily water separators, and heavy weather.

The "Safe Work" posters cover lifting operations and bridge management, safety management, working aloft and in the enclosed spaces, fall preventing devices and protective equipment, ship handling, planned maintenance etc. This is not a full list of posters - have a look and check the content, there are so many papers that may be of practical use both on board and ashore.

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