Marine cargo-transit operations

Author(s) Collective
Publisher Marine Insurance
Date 2017
Pages 209
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This power point presentation was developed for the training purposes and will tell trainees about the most important aspects of marine cargo/transit insurance. As we know, this is one of the oldest forms of insurance forming an integral part of world trade and commerce. It is mainly concerned with the inland transits, imports and exports. There are several transit modes available.

The increase in the maritime trade is commonly accompanied with the significantly increased need for the insurance - in addition to that, more vessels are required for transporting the goods. The parties involves would typically include sellers/exporters, buyers/importers and intermediaries. This training presentation will give you a good understanding of what the insurance is and how it shall be dealt with.

Starting with the general introductory slides, the content then addresses the international marine insurance market, documentation required for import and export, insurable interest and measure of insurable value, indemnity, valued and unvalued policy, marine declaration form, and other important areas. Virtually all topics have been covered by the authors of this training resource including different policies, underwriting and rating of marine insurance, duration of cover and many others.

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