Marine Engineering Pocket-Book

Author(s) A. E. Seaton
Publisher Charles Griffin & Co., Ltd.
Date 1922
Pages 796
Format pdf
Size 24 Mb







Another rare and classical publication on marine engineering. The original edition of the volume was published in 1893, and here is the fifteenth edition of it. Throughout the last century this book remained one of the most useful training resources for marine engineers including students and practicing seamen. The author of the volume has addressed all important aspects of marine engineering.

Even though the age of this volume far exceeds hundred years, it shall still be treated as a textbook for any marine engineering. The physics of the machinery covered in the pages of this perfect volume has mainly remained unchanged, and the theoretical knowledge provided herein will be greatly appreciated by the readers. Note that the material in the book is presented in a very reader-friendly manner making reading and understanding the content an easy and pleasant task even to the non-professionals.

According to the author, the audience for this pocket book shall not be limited to the marine engineers but shall also include naval architects and ship designers, draughtsmen and ship superintendents, and other categories of professionals involved in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the shipboard machinery.

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