Marine Petroleum Source Rocks

Author(s) J. Brooks, A. J. Fleet
Publisher Blackwell Science
Date 1987
Pages 444
Format pdf
Size 39 Mb







The present volume contains the proceedings of the joint meeting of the geological groups, first group dealing with the marine studies and the second one engaged in petroleum geochemistry. The materials included in the publication have all been arranged in three major parts.

The first two parts of the publication are mainly addressing the environment of the rocks containing oil with the main emphasis being made on the technical concepts and established methods of working with the organic sediments that are normally generated in the course of the so-called anoxic events.

Here you will find the information about the role that the source rocks play in the exploration of petroleum, pyrite formations, characteristics of the rocks, distribution of the source rocks, formation of the deposits, organic sedimentation etc.

The third part of the book provides statistical and graphical data in connection with this and is also dealing with the organic geochemistry and geography, covering different geographical regions and all aspects considered important enough to be included in the volume by the author who compiled the book. The publication will present practical interest and use to the people involved in the offshore exploration of the hydrocarbons.

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