Marine piping systems

Author(s) NGE ANN Polytechnic
Publisher School of Engineering
Date 2006
Pages 233
Format pdf
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As we all know, the shipboard hull piping systems are designed and installed with the ultimate purpose of carrying various fluids from one point on the ship to another. The subject fluids can be different in nature, including the erosive and corrosive ones, they can also be flammable. Moreover, they can have different temperature and be under different pressures.

That is the reason why the technical requirements are very strict and consider the complexity of the piping. Needless to say that the inefficient piping may eventually impact the ship safety and operations in a very negative way. The present manual was prepared to let trainees familiarize themselves with the most important areas of the ship piping.

First of all, they will be provided with the general information about the piping systems, and applicable requirements of the national and international regulating bodies, class societies etc. After that, the pipe materials are addressed together with the symbols and signs, followed by the chapters on the pipe fittings and valves used on the modern ships.

The other sections of the publication are covering the equipment and instrumentation, piping drawings and how to read them, calculations involved, pipe fabrication and welding, and many others, all equally important for designing, building and maintaining efficient shipboard pipework.

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