Marine Pollution and Human Health

Author(s) R. E. Hester, R. M. Harrison, J. Ikarus Allen
Publisher Royal Society of Chemistry
Date 2011
Pages 182
Format pdf
Size 17 Mb







Nowadays, we may observe a constantly growing concern about the state of the oceans. The significant and very rapid growth of population in coastal areas has eventually led to the increased dependence of the people on the existing marine resources. Some of the beneficial features relating to the life style and food supply require to be duly balanced against the hazards that are commonly presented by the chemical pollutants, various microbial pathogens and other sources.

This book provides a good professional review of the several key aspects of the marine environment in its relation to the human health - the content of the book has been compiled on the basis of the very valuable contributions by a group of recognized experts from a wide range of backgrounds. In the initial overview, the need for the integration of a range of various relevant disciplines, including marine biology, epidemiology, physical oceanography and molecular biology is explained.

The authors hope that such approach will play a good role in predicting the possible consequences of the changes to environment and exploitation of the existing resources upon the coastal eco-systems and, eventually, on the human health. The chapters of the book are providing the analysis in several specialized topics that will for sure be found very useful by the specialists in the field.  

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