Marine Science Experiments

Author(s) Pamela Walker, Elaine Wood
Publisher Facts on File
Date 2010
Pages 175
Format pdf
Size 5 Mb







When you are looking at the ocean standing on the deck of a vessel, it is a truly immense world. Though the ocean serves as a home to billions of various species, significant part of the marine life is actually hidden from our view and access. That is why the sea is deservedly considered the most unexplored area of the world. The marine environment, in turn, is a very captivating place peaking the curiosity.

New discoveries have been revealed in the course of the extensive scientific researches conducted recently, and now we are aware of even more secrets. Marine science is a very multi-disciplinary area incorporating physics and chemistry, biology and geology, plus the environmental science. Proper understanding the ocean's ecology is also critically important due to the currently ongoing changes to the global climate.

The ultimate goal of the present volume was to provide the readers with twenty original scientific experiments conveying the very basic principles of biological/physical sciences that are relating to the ocean. Each of them may be considered a proven teaching activity broadening the understanding of the nature of marine science and associated scientific facts. The volume will definitely be appropriate for all classes and can be used by all students.

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