mariners weather handbook

Author(s) Steve Dashew, Linda Dashew
Publisher Beowulf, Inc.
Date 1998
Pages 594
Format pdf
Size 12 Mb







Nearly every person who sails a lot possesses a very clear image in mind of the cold and warm fronts and lows and highs and roughly what to expect as they arch majestically across the daily weather maps in newspapers and the TV-screen. It all seems quite easy to understand and forecasts are at least somewhat more often than not, correct. But it's the times that forecasts are not correct which most concern us when we're at sea.

There are so many variables which all together must be accounted for in order to arrive at an accurate weather forecast that we may as well forget about reaching that ideal in our lifetimes. One scientist pointed out years ago that a butterfly flapping its wings over a parking lot on a hot day in Dallas may be the cause of a thunderstorm in Boston three days later. It was meteorologists who led the way to the new science named, appropriately, CHAOS...

This publication provides readers with a complete guide to the marine weather analytics plus tactics and avoidance of storms; the authors of this volume, Linda and Steve Dashew, are teaching the traditional forecasting techniques that are basing on the current observed weather conditions, together with the latest instruments including internet. Their efforts has resulted in an excellent tool for the sailors and power boaters, and in fact anyone with an interest in weather.

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