Maritime security handbook

Author(s) Jonathan K. Waldron, Jr. Adrew W. Dyer
Publisher Government Institutes
Date 2004
Pages 320
Format pdf
Size 98 Mb







The title is intended to provide the readers with the perfect and professional guidelines, necessary for getting better understanding of the new security related requirements implemented by the American government, so that the compliance with the subject requirements can be ensured.

The reference volume includes the deep and thorough legal analysis of the newly introduced regulations. In addition to that, the security legislation currently in force is addressed. The regulations that were implemented, covers such critically important areas as the assessment of the port security and associated plans, together with all other provisions and measures.

Note that the regulations are made mandatory through the MTSA, standing for the Maritime Transportation Security Act, and as such shall be complied with at all times. The present publication contains very easy to follow analysis and interpretation of the new regulations, covering their purpose and actual applicability.

Considering the complexity of these new requirements and their huge size, these guidelines have been provided with the index and table of contents for easier navigation. Make sure you have a copy for ready reference.

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