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The present package of the maritime software consists of several useful and practical programs which have been specifically developed to be used by the marine surveyors as well as ship officers in their day to day activities, providing assistance with the calculations. All programs making this pack are very user-friendly.

They will assist in lashing calculations and draft surveys and will also be useful for persons performing route planning. They are easily operated by means of either mouse of keyboard. Note that the programs have been worked out in compliance with the latest UN EC standards as well as with the Code of Safe Practice for Cargo Stowage and Securing.

The results of the calculations can be printed. Among key features of the Draft Survey program we would note two modes of calculation available and a fact that the required calculation accuracy can be reached by entering only 35 lines of values into the hydrostatic tables of the vessel corresponding to the various conditions.

Each of the other programs can also boast some useful features that allow them to be highly recommended for everyday use on board vessels. The programs are also excellent for training purposes and will be highly valued by the students.

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