McGraw-Hill's engineering companion

Author(s) Ejup N. Ganic, Typler G. Hicks
Publisher McGraw-Hill
Date 2002
Pages 959
Format pdf
Size 5 Mb







This perfect volume provides wealth of useful information and data for the engineers in any fields. The author included the numerous data tables and charts, informative diagrams and formulas, as well as the problems supplemented with the solutions, to enable the engineers feel more confident when dealing with the design and developments of the products, conducting the evaluation and analysis, operation activities etc.

The content of the book can easily be applied to the huge variety of the engineering problems, including but not limited to the mechanical and marine engineering, electrical engineering and electronics, metallurgy and many other important areas. As you can see, literally all engineering fields have been covered in the pages of this volume, which shall be used as a comprehensive and easily applied working tool for the modern engineer.

Spanning all of engineering, the book can be treated as a sort of summary useful to any typical engineer. We would definitely recommend this one to be used as a readily available reference manual rather than a handbook for the future engineers; it is good to open it and recheck the things you studied in the past, to refresh your knowledge.

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