Author(s) J. P. Den Hartog
Publisher Dover Publications, Inc.
Date 1948
Pages 472
Format pdf
Size 51 Mb







This book was first released over forty years ago and has managed to achieve the status of the real classic among all textbooks on mechanics. The author of the volume is known and world respected for his clear and easily understandable explanations of the fundamental materials of mechanics, i.e. statics and dynamics, giving the readers necessary insights not conveyed in most of the other volumes.

Apart from the theory, this book is full of real life engineering applications making it so valuable and useful for the practicing engineer when used as a reference tool. The general engineering students can use this book as a refresher. The size of the book is not huge especially noting the amount of information it contains, number of topics and clarity of explanations. According to the numerous reviews submitted by the students and engineers, this is one of the most readable textbooks on mechanics.

The text part is supplemented with more than five hundred drawings and data diagrams, together with the countless problems with answers, included for better understanding of the theory. All important aspects have been covered including equilibrium conditions and distributed forces, kinematics, dynamics, friction, work and energy, relative motion, and so many others.

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