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The world famous vessel "Freedom of the Seas| was launched as the largest cruise ship on the world and has the New Year's celebration to be done on board complete with the with the biggest ever New Year's Eve party ever held at open sea. The crew has just one week left to prepare.

Everything they do is new. They are going to face many unusual challenges. Freedom must be ready to handle almost everything - winds, storms, hurricanes, and even contagious diseases. This is the inside story of the first New Year Eve onboard Freedom of the Seas.

Will it be pleasant sailing or a nautical nightmare?.. This is something the producers of the film want to demonstrate and something we recommend you to have a look at...

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This excellent and very interesting educational documentary film produced by NatGeo is devoted to the Port of Rotterdam, which is deservedly treated as one of the busiest ports on the Planet. Getting the biggest vessels in the world into dock without a catastrophe is the never-ending challenge faced by the workers of one of the most famous marine freeways of today.

Rotterdam is the European port and it is serving hundreds of ships every day with the aggregate tonnage exceeding million of tons; they cost more than a billion dollars. An interesting video for people willing to know how the shipping industry works and how the port operations are conducted by the example of this fascinating sea port.

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The present popular video film has been produced by the National Geographic team and is dedicated to the ice breakers. These are vessels capable of navigating in the harsh weather condition and passing through ice helping other vessels. Note that some of vessels ships can break the ice and transport cargoes at the same time, which allows their owners to make huge savings.

This film is intended to demonstrate the construction and operation of one of such ships, namely the world famous arctic containership with the length of 169 m. Just imagine, it took the builders almost a year to construct the vessel; the subject shipbuilding project was realized at one of the shipyards in Northern Germany.

Her name is "Norilsky Nikel". Please take spend one hour of your time watching this fascinating film about a very interesting ship. We do promise that you will not get disappointed if you have some interest in ships and shipbuilding.

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She is one of largest ships sailing our oceans. She is as tall as the ten-storey building. And in a year she travels two-thirds the total distance to the moon. In only twelve month time she manages to transfer nearly two hundred million standard shipping containers, a cargo worth four-and-half billion dollars, cargo that must be delivered intact and exactly on time - no delays tolerated.

Yet this huge ship has a crew of only twenty-two seafarers who have to be ready for any conditions, any emergency, and must be ready to defend their vessel. In short, an excellent and very interesting film for the enthusiasts of ship construction and amazing vessels of today, which they will definitely wish to have in their collection of marine videos.

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This video by National Geographic demonstrates the how they try to to tap maybe the most inaccessible natural gas field on the Earth; five high-tech vessels complete a 1,800 sq. mile gas network. This network includes really incredible machines - a rig that drills wells miles under the water and a ship that lies pipeline on the oceans floor.

Straight at the heart of this project is the huge gas-processing platform called the Independence Hub, specifically designed to be able float in the stormy Gulf of Mexico keeping the personnel on board safe. This system will be technically able to produce the amount of gas that will be enough to supply about 5 million households in America.

The content of this video film was produced by one of the most respected NatGeo; since the approach used by the authors implied this video to be shown to the non-professionals, we may recommend it to a very wide audience...

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Another episode of the National Geographic's MegaStructures series. This film is dedicated to steel -man made and definitely one of the strongest materials existing on earth. We highly recommend you to watch this interesting video film which will demonstrate the innovations the steel made possible.

It comes without saying that steel is deservedly considered the most important and popular material for the ship construction and repair since most of the hulls are made of steel; it is also a core material for the construction of the offshore platforms and any other kind of floating facilities.

That is why it makes sense to properly understand how exactly the steel shall be used and what are the advantages of using the steels and possible limitations.

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This episode of the Megastructures series by NatGeo is following a professional demolition team attempting to sink the famous aircraft carrier "USS Oriskany" with the ultimate goal to create the huge artificial reef, which in fact is the largest one in the whole world.

The team has to battle through the extremely thick and strong steel plating of the ships hull; the naval architects, divers, engineering units and demolition teams will discover the secrets of sinking the aircraft carrier and write another golden page in the history of marine demolition.

An excellent film about the remarkably large-scale project perfectly organized and realized. You definitely need to see that...

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One more video of the popular NatGeo Megastructures series. This one has been devoted to the world famous Panama Canal, which shall indeed be treated as a real superstructure and be there in the list of the most fantastic engineering creatures of XIX century.

The process of construction of the Canal was extremely effort-consuming and technically complex project. So many different vessels pass through the Panama Canal every day - from private sailing pleasure yachts to the supertankers and huge container vessels.

It is interesting to mention that the maximum size of the vessel that can physically pass the Canal, has eventually become one of the recognized standards of the maritime industry, we are now talking about the so-called Panamax vessels...

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