Mentoring at sea

Author(s) Captain Andre L. Le Goubin
Publisher The Nautical Institute
Date 2012
Pages 90
Format pdf
Size 17 Mb







Mentoring was always considered as one of the basic elements of the seagoing routine. In fact and according to the author’s opinion, the concept of mentoring was born at sea. This book was written to fill the gap that is there today – note that there is not enough literature on this subject available, even though all people agree on the high importance of the mentoring. The author wrote his books in an absolutely reader-friendly and conversational manner.

What it means is that he made every effort to avoid the common prescriptive and too structured approach to presenting the material as such approach would inevitably build the boundaries around the free-thinking of the readers. In fact, this is exactly the main difference between mentoring and learning. When we train people, we usually transfer the underpinned theoretical knowledge and lay the relevant rules, which of course are important.

However, the competency profile will only be rounded by the mentoring, which would imply the informal and maximum effortless transfer of the practical experience. We recommend the publication to all those willing to establish and maintain the good mentoring on board their ships and within their teams.

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