Mighty Ships - Cristobal Colon

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This episode of the world known and popular Mighty Ships series of videos will tell you about one of the most remarkable vessels of today - Cristobal Colon, representing an absolutely new breed of huge construction ships. Cristobal Colon is a really high-technology ocean dredger with her size exceeding the one of the closest competitor twice. The vessel is capable of storing over a million and a half cubic feet of sand.

Watch this interesting film and follow this massive vessel of the first mission. The mission is to dredge and deliver nearly eighty-eight million cubic feet of sand. The sand will be taken from the sea floor and subsequently delivered to a construction site located in Germany. Just imagine a scale! Note that this is the only vessel in the world that can be assigned such task. There is no other ship that could handle this.

However, a tightest deadline is making this task even more difficult. In addition to that, the weather also affects the operating on the ship. Will not this all make the task impossible even for the Cristobal Colon? Watch the film and find out, we guarantee that you will not get disappointed. The videos belonging to the Mighty Ships series are particularly interesting to the people who like ship construction, shipbuilding and ship design.

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