Mighty Ships - Faust

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This is the biggest car carriers in the world. The job of this gigantic vessels is to pick and deliver the world's most expensive automobiles. She is transporting these vehicles around the globe - she is a super-sized two hundred and thirty meters long and can take more than eight thousand cars on board. That makes her the biggest vehicle carrier on the planet.

As much as the quarter of fifty million vehicles manufactured each year is transported by sea. This is the tenth tour of this vessel. Faust is going to board around a thousand of luxury cars and there is only eight hours available to complete the task. There are Jaguars and Rolls Royces, heavy trucks and Mini Coopers with the aggregate value exceeding sixty million dollars.

And new owners of these vehicles expect perfect and scratch-free delivery of their assets. This video will tell you about the construction and arrangements of this remarkable vessel; however, the main emphasis has been made by the authors of the film to the operations and the way people work in order to achieve this goal and get all cargo transported across the ocean is a safe and effective manner. This is an incredibly complicated task and can only be done through perfect planning and excellent teamwork.

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