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And here is one of the most interesting parts of the world famous and so popular Mighty Ships series. This video will tell the watchers about one of the most adventurous cruise vessels of today – MS Fram. This ship featuring a truly perfect design was delivered to fight across the fjords of Greenland chocked by ice. Watch this one and join the MS Fram in visiting an absolutely spectacular and remarkable collection of icebergs.

You are all invited to have an excellent trip through the narrow channels during the twelve-day journey spanning nearly two thousand miles, starting from the Reykjavik port of Iceland, passing through the southern Greenland, and then reaching Ilulissat which is deservedly referred to as the iceberg capital of the world. The vessel is capable of taking almost two hundred guests on board.

You will know about all the dangerous challenges that the ship’s crew members regularly face and get to much better understanding of the real work they do every day. This film is a must-watch one for every single person with the interest in contemporary marine adventures – watch it attentively and, who knows, maybe then you may wish to join MS Farm during her next trip across Antarctic.

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