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There is no ship anywhere like MV Resolution, a marine monster crane. Her everyday job is tough and risky. This is a year-round assignment of building wind farms in the dangerous seas. In fact this is the first vessel in the world ever custom built to install wind turbines on the high seas. That is the reason why she is one of the busiest ships in the world. Today, giant wind farms are feeding cities and there are more on the way.

The challenges of MV Resolution are really and every day this ship faces serious problems to cope with – wind, waves, and weather – and all of them are beyond her control. Working in such conditions is extremely difficult. MV Resolution is the largest ship of her kind – the giant jack-up ship with the legs that can lift her above the water. She has six of such legs and this fact makes her truly unique – most of her rivals may only boast four legs.

These gigantic legs are lowered hydraulically down to the seabed and then the whole structure of the vessel is lifted up to ten meters above the water surface. In less than one hour she can change from a classic ship into a stable offshore construction platform. MV Resolution is now ready to build a huge, twenty storey tall wind turbines…

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