Mighty Ships - Nothern Leader

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Well, there were so many of the Mighty Ships episodes devoted to the various remarkable ships of today, and now let us spend an hour watching an excellent film about the Northern Leader, one of the most powerful and efficient vessels in her class. There only a few vessels in the whole world that could be compared to this one and she is definitely leading the Alaskan fleet of fishing vessels.

The design of this truly perfect ship allows her to tow an incredibly long fifty-mile fishing line equipped with seventy five thousand hooks, reeling in some of the best skate, cod and other fish, working in the difficult-to-work and harsh weather conditions of the Bering Sea. Northern Leader is engaged in active operations throughout the year – the design of this ship allows her to work in the cold ambient temperatures and high winds that are normally encountered in her area of work.

Catching fish with hooks and not with nets is one of the design features of this toughest and longest fishing vessels of today. The crew of the ship is prepared to battle thirteen-meter high waves and strongest winds with the speed exceeding hundred and ten kilometers per hour, and to return home with the usual massive catch.

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