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She is the vessel that keeps the world wired. Tyco Resolute builds the information highway under water. This cable ship is designed to submerge the strength of the worldwide web. Tyco Resolute will connect the nation desperate for twenty-first century communications. Its precision work in the dangerous time – the crew members never know what they are going to find and what they find is a trouble.

The vessel is now off pacific coast of Costa Rica. A small boat rises to pick up a special piece of cargo – a telecommunications cable. Tyco Resolute – a one hundred and forty meter long state of the art cable laying vessel is about to lay a vital link in the water. The economy of the entire country depends on her success. Resolute will plug a fiber optic cable into an outlet on the Costa Rican beach.

She will then run that line out to splice it into the major telecommunications trunk line running between California and Panama. The Pan-American crossing called PAC-1 can carry immense amounts of data but right now it bypasses Costa Rica. Attached to the end of a simple rope, the high-tech fiber-optic cables start to leave the ship... This is a must-watch video for anyone interested with the modern communications and sophisticated ships.

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