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She is a giant symbol of hope and her mission is mercy. While the other ships deliver cargo such as the crude oil, containers or other types of goods, she delivers hope. Designed for war and disaster, she carries hope and comfort. The USNS Comfort offers a medical lifeline to some of the most vulnerable people on Earth.

United States Navy Ship Comfort is a huge floating hospital, one of the largest floating facilities of her kind. Originally, this ship was built for the United States Navy Fleet in order to provide medical care to the wounded military personnel in war zones. But nowadays her civilian mission makes her a lifesaver when ordinary people suffer from the national disasters such as the earthquakes and hurricanes.

This remarkable floating medical treatment facility will deliver medical care to any given point of the ocean. Watch this video and join USNS Comfort in her half-year mission of delivering medical service to eleven countries located in Latin America and Caribbean region. The name of the mission designed by the Navy is Continuing Promise and includes provision of the medical care on board this ship as well as ashore. The floating hospital ship can take up to one thousand patients...

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