Mighty Ships - USS Kentucky

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The domestic missile submarine USS Kentucky is America’s ultimate weapon of mass destruction, recognized and respected in any part of the planet. The USS Kentucky is an absolutely phenomenal weapon system. And she is now heading out on a top secret mission – she is capable of emitting the power of thousands of Hiroshima bombs.

Her job is to dive deep, run silent and wait for the call. USS Kentucky – the most dangerous weapon the world has never seen. The submarine has a 170-man crew and she is leaving for the highly classified seventy day mission in the Pacific Ocean. The USS Kentucky is exactly what the American navy calls a boomer – a missile boat – one of the keys of the whole American defense strategy and she can carry up to twenty-four missiles sufficient to destroy a continent – this fact makes her the most lethal machine on Earth. The cost of the machine exceeds two billion US dollars.

The boat starts her mission and the commander is ready to execute the presidential order to do the unthinkable – the order to launch the missiles. It is not a sort of training anymore – they are on mission… In short, this episode of the Mighty Ships series is a nice video for every lover of the underwater fleet and Navy facilities.

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