Minimising Fatigue, Maximising Perfomance (Video)

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This is the training video to supplement the booklet addressing fatigue. As we know, fatigue is treated as one of the contributors to the risk to the crew members and to the ship. This training program is mainly aimed at the senior officers who, upon completion of the course, will cascade the content down to the other crew members.

The authors of the course have covered all important aspects of fatigue and the measures to minimize it. They have provided numerous practical instructions that, when properly followed, will eventually result in significant reduction of the fatigue. The main emphasis has been placed by the developers of this training on the assessment of the risk associated with the fatigue, covering risk elements that are commonly considered specific to the different departments.

The general risk elements would normally include noise and vibration management, food and drink, working of the crew members in extreme temperatures, stresses, personal problems that crew members may have, watchkeeping, planning and others. All of them shall be paid due attention. Have a close look in the boo and video to get a full picture of what the fatigue is, what hazards and risks it may result in and what shall be done to minimize the fatigue...

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